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Dress(er) to Impress

The "ask" was a simple, yet, meaningful one: to help this couple transition from the college/young adult life full of futons and cubed shelving storage to "adult furniture." When we first sat down in their home, they expressed several needs for furniture, storage, and display ideas, but the most pressing need was something--anything to help organize their bedroom and master closet a bit more than what they had (the aforementioned cubed bookcase way of life). So, a nice dresser was on the table--er, mind. After discussing their style and tastes, they decided on a more "farmhouse" look, but with an element of modernity to it with clean lines and some hints of mid-century modern. Well, I think we delivered, and after it was all said and done, they then went right to talking about "next projects," so keep a look out for those! Enjoy this deep and wide chest of drawers with inset drawers and contrasting drawer boxes!

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