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About Us

"And one year it fell out that Tumnus (who was a middle-aged Faun by now and beginning to be stout) came down to the river and brought them news that the White Stag had once more appeared in his parts--the White Stag who would give you wishes if you caught him. So these two Kings and two Queens...rode a-hunting with horns and hounds in the Western Woods to follow the White Stag. And they had not hunted long before they had a sight of him. And he led them a great pace over rough and smooth and through thick and thin..and they saw the the stag enter into a thicket where their horses could not follow. Then said King Peter..., " Fair Consorts, let us now alight from our horses and follow this beast into the thicket;

for in all my days I never hunted a nobler quarry."


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 

by C.S. Lewis

The Mythology and Imagery of the White Stag

The myth of the White Stag appears in numerous cultures across the globe:  from Celtic and English to the Hungarian and Japanese. Although there are many different beliefs surrounding this creature, it's consistently symbolic of themes such as purity, beauty, and unwavering innocence. 

Additionally, the White Stag is also associated with the delivery of a message or great change. Moreover, typical within the appearance of a White Stag is also the recurrent theme of a "quest" or "chase" after the stag. Typically, those who give in to the chase often are privy to or gifted with a spiritual experience or good fortune. But woe to one who kills a stag as it's said to bring terrible luck upon their life. 

The mythologies surrounding the White Stag are endless, but they are founded upon the truth that white deer do, in fact, exist. They are actually the result of unusual genetics, specifically called Leucism--a rare anomaly that reduces the pigments in the deer's skin and fur. Though often mistaken as Albino, they're distinguishable as an Albino will typically have red eyes. 


Interesting. But, how is this relevant?

The goal here at White Stag Woodcraft is to give in to the chase.

We want to always seek after the pure beauty found within crafting a particular design.

We want to dream alongside our clients, envision the goal, and then chase after it.

To keep with the metaphor, we want to never settle and always work towards the goal,

finally coming to a place where we are able to simply step back and gaze with admiration. 

It seems a little dramatic when you put it like that, but in reality, we really do want to craft the best pieces for our clients. We want to be found always creating, always innovating, and never ceasing to push ourselves in our knowledge and craft. For White Stag Woodcraft, "good" isn't good enough.

We aspire to achieve more than that. After all of the cutting, sawing, planing, and chiseling--after all of the dust settles, we want to be able to look at our creations and see them just as those in the tales looked upon the White Stag: pure and beautiful. 

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