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The "Ashberg" Series

This couple had just moved into their newly built home and realized that they needed some furniture pieces that both matched the theme, but also the sheer size of the space in their home. So, when you're looking at these pieces, understand that the two-tiered entertainment console is nearly 8' long; the end table is nearly 22W x30L; and the coffee table is a whopping 30W x 48L!!!

Each of these bases are of a bespoke design after a few conferences between us and the clients, and fabricated and finished by Little Mountain Metalworks of Waynesboro, VA. All-in-all, a FANTASTIC opportunity to combine quite a few methods all to produce something that is chunky, rustic, and industrial all in one beautiful suite. 

Ashberg Ent Center_edited.jpg
Ashberg Coffee_edited.jpg
Ashberg End_edited_edited.jpg
Ashberg ENDTable_edited.jpg
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