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Beach Bummin' It

Our very first epoxy river table! This was a unique experience with this particular client who, having an beach house Air BnB in Rehoboth, DE wanted something that was "on-brand" for that setting, but wanted something that would both catch your eye, but also fit within the context of the room.


Originally, we had discussed doing a waterfall edge type of design, but then quickly shifted something even more bold: a river table design that would have a "fluid" feel to the whole thing. So, we took it up a notch and went with a slight blue-ish hue in the epoxy, but used metallic flakes in the pigment so that as it cured and we swished everything around, it would cure with a motion or water-like effect! BEAUTIFUL!  Another feature was the "ribbed" design of the supports underneath which help stabilize, but also not detract or cast a dark shadow through the translucent epoxy from above. 

Overall, we'd say this fits well within the space, but also draws your eye and provides a plethora of little details to soak up each time you look at it! 

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