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A (Little) River Runs Through It

This couple moved into their new house, brought some furniture with them, and then also bought some new furniture. But then, they began making some upgrades to their home, including a great floating TV wall, and other neat things. One thing that seemed to be lacking was an upgrade to both their coffee table and end tables. Enter White Stag Woodcraft. 

They were already decided on the style for these pieces: simple C-Base end tables with Walnut tops, and then a walnut river coffee table. It was now time to help them with color options for their river. After they had sent a few pictures of their surrounding decor, including area rugs and their sofa, we worked up about four color samples for them based on the two color they had boiled everything down to. In the end they chose a combination of the two colors in a ratio that was dominatly a blue-grey, but with a slight green undertone. To be honest I thought the color was beautiful at the shop, but once we got these pieces into their house, WOW!--they were perfect! Take a look for yourself!

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